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    Introduction 1 Fr. Fran Daly, SJ, from his column “Ignatian Insight” published in St. Xavier High School Magazine, Cincinnati, Summer 2002. 2 Daly. Chapter I 1 Joseph W. Riordan, SJ, The First Half Century of St. Ignatius Church and College. San Francisco: H.S. Crocker Co., 1905. 11-12. 2 Riordan, 19. 3 Riordan, 20. 4 Gerald […]

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    Recent videos, general All Archival videos School Life Religious Studies Performing & Fine Arts Clubs Community Service Students Alumni Admissions A great video from 1939 and 1940 Athletics Football games from 1938 and 1939 as well as games from 1960 through 1982 and recent games Soccer game from 2017 Track from the 1930s and 1940s […]

  • The Origin of the SI Crest

    The Origin of the SI Crest

    The Parts of SI’s Crest The SI, of course, stands for the school’s name, St. Ignatius. The colors of the crest, red and blue, are the school colors and refer to passion and loyalty. The IHS and the three nails inside the sunburst are all ancient images of Christ. IHS are, in Greek, the first […]

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    SI Presidents Presidents of St. Ignatius Academy, College, High School & College Preparatory. Rev. Anthony Maraschi, SJ (1855–1862) Rev. Nicholas Congiato, SJ (1862–1865 & 1866–1869) Rev. Burchard Villiger, SJ (1865–1866) Rev. Joseph Bayma, SJ (1869–1873) Rev. Aloysius Masnata, SJ (1873–1876) Rev. John Pinasco, SJ (1876–1880) Rev. Robert E. Kenna, SJ (1880–1883) Rev. Joseph C. Sasia, […]

  • Afterword

    Why write so much about St. Ignatius College Preparatory? Certainly other high schools succeed just as well as SI. In doing my research, I’ve seen, time and time again, the quality that distinguishes and defines SI: sharpness. SI sharpens its students. It readies them for the tasks and trials and tribulations of life. Moreover, SI […]

  • Coda

    Thus, on this grace note for Fr. Sauer, we celebrate 150 years of SI’s service to the good people of the San Francisco Bay Area. We are grateful for this privilege and thankful that so many people have supported the school in its mission of turning boys and girls into men and women dedicated to […]

  • Two Tributes to Fr. Sauer

    Former SI principal Mario Prietto, SJ, has this to say about Fr. Sauer, who has served as SI’s president since 1979: “No one has taught me more about what it means to be a Jesuit, a priest and a good human being than Tony. He is the best. He is an extraordinary person — not […]

  • The Greater Good

    The spirit of magis permeates each department at SI. Each year, teachers ask themselves how they can choose the greater good, how they can make choices that improve their classrooms and their departments and how they can better serve students. Each department over the past 20 years has made major strides that that are worth […]

  • Adult Ministry

    Given the declining numbers of priests and religious at SI, the question arose: How can SI remain a Jesuit school with few Jesuits? SI answered that question with the Adult Ministry Program, which had its start in 1998, when Fr. Greg Goethals, SJ, the rector of the SI Jesuit community, attended a meeting where he […]

  • Genesis IV Campaign & The Sesquicentennial Celebration

    Thanks to the leadership of Board of Regents’ Chairman Mark Cleary ’64 and the generosity of SI’s donor community, SI is well on its way to reaching the $50 million goal for the Genesis IV: Endow SI campaign. The success of the endowment campaign comes as a result of generous individuals and foundations, and their […]