Thus, on this grace note for Fr. Sauer, we celebrate 150 years of SI’s service to the good people of the San Francisco Bay Area. We are grateful for this privilege and thankful that so many people have supported the school in its mission of turning boys and girls into men and women dedicated to lives of service, leadership and faith.

This book records only the first years of what we hope will be a very long and bountiful history for the school, yet we know, too, that this is not the complete history. It can’t be. Too much has happened. It is impossible to include the stories of so many people who have taught, studied, performed, coached and competed at SI over the years. Our apologies to those whose stories have yet to be told. To these individuals, we offer this option: Soon the SI web site will offer a Living History section for SI grads to share stories and photos of their time here. We hope this will grow and become something much larger than any book, something that, 150 years from now, people will read and enjoy. Those future readers will, we trust, find an SI that has grown and adapted while staying true to its Ignatian heart — just as we find the same spirit of magis and AMDG as present today as it was in 1855.