The Shirt Factory: 1906-1919

The earthquake and fire may have destroyed the beautiful school, but it would not do the same to the spirit of those who taught and studied there. After the earthquake, SI built a “temporary” campus that would last for 23 years and inaugurated a host of new traditions. The school published its first literary work in The Ignatian, re-established its debating society and, for the first time, began distinguishing itself from the college by calling itself “St. Ignatius High School.”

Students began formal competition in football, baseball, basketball and track and saw one graduate, Matthew Sullivan, rise to become Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. The Jesuits began building the grand edifice of St. Ignatius Church, one of the city’s most beautiful places of worship, and it would send nearly 400 of its graduates to fight in World War I. Ten of those men would not return.

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