Home on Stanyan: 1930-1939

The decade of the ’30s was a time of hardship for San Franciscans, as the Depression cost citizens their jobs and savings. But it was also a time of momentous happenings. The General Strike of 1934 marked a victory for the labor movement with repercussions that were felt for decades. San Francisco, just as it rose from the ashes of the Earthquake and Fire, saw that it could rise to the occasion in the midst of an economic downturn and build two wonders of the world — the world’s longest bridge and the longest single-span suspension bridge. It even dredged up Treasure Island from the bottom of the San Francisco Bay and held the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939 and 1940, celebrating its status as the capital of the Pacific Rim ports of call. All of these events touched the lives of SI students. Still, high school life went on, and SI students enjoyed athletic victories in baseball (1930), tennis (1931 and 1932) and, for the first time, crew, taking the AAA title in 1939 using whaleboats in the San Francisco Bay.

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