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    SI Presidents Presidents of St. Ignatius Academy, College, High School & College Preparatory. Rev. Anthony Maraschi, SJ (1855–1862) Rev. Nicholas Congiato, SJ (1862–1865 & 1866–1869) Rev. Burchard Villiger, SJ (1865–1866) Rev. Joseph Bayma, SJ (1869–1873) Rev. Aloysius Masnata, SJ (1873–1876) Rev. John Pinasco, SJ (1876–1880) Rev. Robert E. Kenna, SJ (1880–1883) Rev. Joseph C. Sasia, […]

  • The New Millennium: 2000-2005

    The New Millennium: 2000-2005

    In the first five years of the new millennium, SI experienced successes that promise a bright future for the school. Those years saw a continued progression of the changes initiated in the 1990s, with the school excelling on all fronts. In 2004, students earned their highest SAT scores and passed more AP tests than ever […]

  • Focus on the Faculty: 1990s

    Focus on the Faculty: 1990s

    The decade of the 1990s could be split into two halves. For the first half, the school worked to smooth the transition from a single-sex to a coeducational institution, with the last all-male class graduating in June 1992. Students and faculty saw change everywhere — from the new buildings rising up on the south end […]

  • Move to Coeducation: 1980-1989

    Move to Coeducation: 1980-1989

    In 1989, SI became the first (and still the only) coeducational Jesuit high school in the California Province, and much of the history of SI in the 1980s concerns that historic event. However, life continued routinely for the boys of SI. In fact, with the transition to the new school complete, the school was enjoying […]

  • Redefining Jesuit Education: 1970-1979

    Redefining Jesuit Education: 1970-1979

    The 1970s saw SI complete its first decade at its brand new campus at 2001 37th Avenue, built atop some of the last inland sand dunes San Franciscans would ever see. Rising from the grains was a modern facility and a new name — St. Ignatius College Preparatory. Inside the new buildings, tensions flared amongst […]

  • Stanyan St. Meets Haight & Ashbury: 1960-1969

    Stanyan St. Meets Haight & Ashbury: 1960-1969

    In some ways, SI was an island of conservative, traditional values while the changes taking place in San Francisco during the 1960s roiled around it. In other ways, SI was forever changed by those forces of Vatican II, the Civil Rights movement, the protests against the war in Vietnam, and the Summer of Love. Those […]

  • Success & Discontent: 1950-1959

    Success & Discontent: 1950-1959

    The decade of the 1950s saw a period of stability at both SI and in the nation. Fr. William Finnegan, SJ, took over from Fr. Ralph Tichenor, SJ, as principal, and under his five-year tenure the school finally built its gymnasium. He was succeeded in 1955 by Fr. Robert Leonard, SJ, who had served the […]

  • War & Valor: 1940-1949

    War & Valor: 1940-1949

    The decade of the ’40s at SI is a paradox. World War II cast its shadow over the entire nation, and SI was not exempt — approximately 3,000 SI grads served in the Armed Forces and 96 died for their country. Students graduated early to enlist, and they watched as one teacher after another exchanged […]

  • Home on Stanyan: 1930-1939

    Home on Stanyan: 1930-1939

    The decade of the ’30s was a time of hardship for San Franciscans, as the Depression cost citizens their jobs and savings. But it was also a time of momentous happenings. The General Strike of 1934 marked a victory for the labor movement with repercussions that were felt for decades. San Francisco, just as it […]

  • Founding Traditions: 1920-1929

    Founding Traditions: 1920-1929

    Even though the high school found itself in the ramshackle Shirt Factory, sharing it with the college division, it thrived and began new traditions, such as the creation of the Wildcat mascot. Athletic victories came in the big three sports, with the basketball team taking the state championship in 1926 and a league title in […]