All Hell Seemed Dancing With Joy: 1906

With the jubilee celebration over, the regular routine of school re-established itself in late 1905 and early 1906. The Jesuits even considered moving the high school portion of the school to some available land west of Fillmore Street, or even to Millbrae, and making St. Ignatius College into a university. (In the Consultors’ minutes from September 6, 1904, preserved in the Province Archive Room, mention is made that “the advisors think entirely that the high school must be removed, and they propose that now a piece of land be purchased near the city [of] San Francisco, for example, near Millbrae.” Two days later, the minutes indicate that “the Superior has read what actions there were in discussion of SI College regarding the proposed high school…. The advisors of this mission praise the actions and the deeds.”) In addition, the college considered adding a law school and medical school and offering degrees in those fields.

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