The Old School Comes Down

Some SI alumni cringed in disbelief and others were first in line on March 13, 1987, when USF announced the Wrecker’s Ball to demolish Loyola Hall, the site of the fifth SI campus on Stanyan Street. The college wanted to tear down the old school to make way for the Koret Health and Recreation Center. USF sent out invitations offering a “sledgehammer concession outside the old building for those of you who would like to take one last swipe at the former SI.” The evening also offered a silent auction of building memorabilia, though the most valuable item, the bench that graced the outside of the dean’s office (on which many penitent Ignatians sat waiting for an ominous interview) went to SI, thanks to a winning bid by Board Chairman Bill McDonnell ’42, who donated it to the school.

Fr. Paul Capitolo, SJ, and Bob Vergara also managed to salvage a door with a frosted glass window featuring an etched cross, stained glass windows and an altar triptych oil painting from the old school. The first item became the entrance to the Jesuit community chapel in McGucken Hall and the latter two were used to decorate the faculty dining room in the Jesuit residence.