The Move to the Sunset District

In the spring of 1957, 600 boys took the freshmen entrance examination, but because of “limited facilities” the school accepted only 287 students. “The major reason for holding the student body down to this figure is the lack of facilities in the Physics and Chemistry Departments,” noted the Ignatian Bulletin that year. In the early 1960s, Fr. Patrick Carroll, SJ ’31, SI’s first president, conducted a study of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and long-term needs, spurred by the formal separation of SI and USF. He asked architects to draw plans for remodeling the Stanyan Street campus to include larger classrooms and for a new structure, an eight-story Jesuit residence north of the school. That plan never made it off the drawing boards. After reviewing those plans and the findings of the study, he determined the school had to move to more modern quarters.