Category: Stanyan St. Meets Haight & Ashbury: 1960-1969

  • “There are places I remember . . . ”

    By Curtis J. Mallegni ‘67 The sharp ring of the alarm clock cut through the quiet stillness of the early morning air. It was a typical start of a fog-infused summer day in San Francisco: 6:30 a.m. in June of 1963. Today was my maiden voyage to the fortress at 222 Stanyan Street known as […]

  • Chalk-Dust Memories: The 1960s

    Michael Shaughnessy ’67 (Michael Shaughnessy is part of the Campus Ministry team at SI. He has taught religious studies at SI since 1980.) Some students considered resisting the draft, but most would have gone willingly had they been drafted, including Michael Shaughnessy ’67. “Had I been drafted straight out of high school, I would have […]

  • Remembering Paul Medlin ’63 and the legacy of Vietnam

    Over the years, SI has honored alumni who have died in service to their country, with the exception of one of its best: Army 2nd Lt. Paul Charles Medlin ’63. Medlin’s name was inadvertently omitted from the 150th anniversary book, Spiritus Magis, which named 10 who died in WWI, 96 in WWII, one in Korea […]

  • Vietnam

    Many SI alumni served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War and six are known to have died: John Santos ’51, Robert Reed ’51, Denis O’Connor ’58, Richard Bloom ’60, Richard Arthur Timboe ’62 and Paul Medlin ’63. In addition, one other grad, Frederick John Riley ’51, a retired Navy pilot, served in the […]

  • Stanyan Street Meets Haight & Ashbury

    In 1967, students attended a school rooted in 400 years of Jesuit tradition. Then at lunch and after school they would walk to Golden Gate Park or to Haight Street and find a different world, one that involved protest, drugs and rock and roll. “I could walk to the park as a senior during lunch […]

  • Extracurriculars

    Speech and Debate From its beginnings, SI has had a proud tradition of argumentation and public speaking. The student forums and debate teams did well in past decades, and in the 1960s, students in the SI Forum continued to excel under the guidance of former Jesuit Charles Henry ’38. In the 1962–63 school year, for […]

  • Academics

    Fr. Tom Reed, SJ Fr. Reed (whose life is detailed in the previous chapter) served as principal between 1957 and 1964. Paul Vangelisti ’63, who has gained fame as a poet, recalls being sent to him for discipline one day. “Fr. Reed was more liberal than he let on. One day in religion class, our […]

  • Athletics

    SI Football Ranked First in Nation Despite the plans to move the school in the 1960s, life continued its normal routine, especially in the realm of football. After Pat Malley left SI, the school hired Larry McInerney as head coach and Vince Tringali (a member of USF’s famous “Undefeated, Untied and Uninvited” football team) as […]

  • SI’s Parent Clubs

    The Loyola Guild The Loyola Guild began in October 1925 for mothers of sons who attended either the high school or the college (though wives of graduates and lay professors could join as well). According to the1925 Ignatian, the group existed to “foster a deeper acquaintance with all in touch with St. Ignatius College, and […]

  • The Christ the King Award

    “By means of a striking gold medal, a citation of Merit, and a reverent, dignified ceremony, the Alumni Association each year pays homage to one of its own who has distinguished himself in his Community, has brought honor and credit to his Alma Mater and has rendered outstanding service to the School.”7 With this announcement, […]